Finally, one WMS solution for all your ecommerce
inventory management, picking, and shipping needs

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Every function you’d ever want from a WMS in one package

Batch Picking
Maximize efficiency with single and multiple SKU batch picking
Label Generation
Label Generation = including cost optimization
Online Returns (RMA) Generation
Manage returns while reducing restocking errors
Bar Codes
Save seconds and increase accuracy by utilizing barcodes
Team Reporting and Stats
Let your team know how well they're performing
Omnichannel Inventory Syncing
Easily manage inventory across multiple channels

Sales Channel Integrations

Team Reporting and Stats


Team Reporting

ShipHero assigns each team member a unique four-digit pin, which is used to log every action so you can always see exactly who did what, and when. Reporting lets you track individual employee performance as well as overall team efficiency. Find areas for improvement, and let your team know where they succeed and where they can do better.