How E-Commerce Runs

When you need accurate inventory, optimized shipping and a smooth workflow, ShipHero has you covered.

Supported Sales Channels


You don’t have time to deal with inventory errors, late orders, and difficult to use software. ShipHero gives you the tools to manage the back-end of your e-commerce operation cleanly, easily at the lowest cost.

Inventory Confidence
Finally, you can trust your inventory accuracy.
Smarter Shipping
ShipHero integrates with most major carriers and you can create rules to automate how orders ship.
Speed & Accuracy
Eliminate picking errors while speeding up. Everything you need to work with bar codes is in ShipHero.
Make Returns Easy
Manage returns while reducing restocking errors.
Pick Faster
With batch picking, your team can quickly and accurately pick, whether one order at a time, or many.
Connected Channels
ShipHero keeps all of your sales channels in sync.
Team Reporting and Stats


Team Reporting

ShipHero assigns each team member a unique four-digit pin, which is used to log every action so you can always see exactly who did what, and when. Reporting lets you track individual employee performance as well as overall team efficiency. Find areas for improvement, and let your team know where they succeed and where they can do better.