Automated Ordering

Pre-Program Purchase Orders

Don’t get caught out of stock. ShipHero let’s you set re-order notifications at prescribed inventory levels, and creates purchase orders so you never run out of top sellers.

You can set the following:

  • Reorder Level – If your stock falls below this value, we know that it should be included within a purchase order.
  • Reorder Amount – This lets our system know the quantity to reorder.
  • Sell Ahead – This lets our system know how much you would like to sell even if the product is out of stock.

Once those rules are in place, you can generate a purchase order for a specific vendor and our algorithm will consider those rules and return a list of products that need to be ordered.


We automatically import vendors from your sales channels, so it’s not additional work to set-up vendors for purchase orders. Just go to your Vendors page, see what needs to be re-ordered based on your settings, and create a purchase order direct from ShipHero.


Receiving could not be simpler. Scan in orders with our iOS app* or enter them via our website. You can “Receive All” or do a partial receive for each line item. Inventory is updated as you go. You can also edit the item and add a product picture, bin location, or print and apply a barcode, before restocking it.

*We recommend using our iOS app for receiving because it offers extra features, including barcode scanning.