Batch Picking

Picking Single Order with Multiple Items

This simple process in which a single SKU is compiled for one picking trip.

  • The picker receives a list of items to pick on the iOS device.
  • The list is optimized for speed, organizing the shortest distance between inventory bins.
  • The picker goes to the bin and matches the item visually using the image on the app.
  • Picker confirms the item by scanning the barcode.
  • To eliminate picking errors, each pick requires validation. If an order requires multiples of the same item, the picker can either scan each item or manually enter the number of items picked to confirm the count.
  • Picker moves on to the next bin on the optimized list until all items are picked and delivered to the packer.


Picking Multiple Orders with the Same Item

This simple process in which a single SKU is compiled for one picking trip.

  • Picker can view a list of items to pick, and the total of the combined order.
  • Thumbnails with zoom to view show each item to pick.
  • Picker can pick all the orders in the batch onto a single cart as there is no need to keep items separate, or can place each item into assigned totes on the cart as the items are picked.
  • Once a batch has been completely picked, the picker drops the cart off at the packing station and is ready to go and fetch more orders.

Picking Multiple Orders with Multiple SKUs (MULTIPLE BATCH PICKING)

Multiple orders containing multiple items can also be picked and sorted at once using carts and totes.

  • ShipHero generates a pick list sequenced to minimize the distance between Inventory Bins.
  • Picker¬†starts at the first bin location and picks the item.
  • Picker scans the item using the wireless Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanner (optional) or manually marks it as picked.
  • Each item is placed in the corresponding tote for each order.
  • This continues to each bin until every order is complete.
  • The cart is dropped off at a packing station, already organized by order, within each tote, eliminating the time-consuming task of re-sorting.
  • The picker can grab a new cart and empty totes and start the process over.