Packing & Shipping

Packing & Shipping Multiple Orders with the Same SKU

  • Packer scans the item using a wireless Socket Mobile bluetooth barcode scanner (optional) or enters the item on his device.
  • Items are shown clearly on the iPad with pictures, SKUs and names, so your packer can select the item to be shipped with the touch of a finger.
  • Packer places the item(s) in the assigned shipping box.
  • The weight of the package is read from the scale or is determined based on the product and package weight.
  • Pack selects the shipping method the customer chose, or most cost-effective shipping method (optional).
  • The packers prints the invoice and as many different labels are necessary to ship the order.
  • That order is cleared from the iPad and shipping status is updated in real time. Your packer grabs the next item, scans it and repeats.

Packing & Shipping Multiple Orders with Multiple SKUs

The packer, using their barcode scanner, simply scans the barcode on the tote and our system will pull up the order that is associated with that specific tote on their iPad. They will then place the order in the appropriate packing and ship the order.

As an additional optional feature, ShipHero provides an extra step to double check the pickers’ work as we have a Tote Quality Assurance feature. This will require the packer to confirm the associated items for an order in the tote before proceeding to the shipping stage. Once the packer has confirmed the items of the order are correct the packer will can weigh the products, print the invoice and the shipping label just as in packing a single order. They will repeat the process until they have emptied all of the totes on the cart.
This optional feature virtually eliminates shipping errors.

Shipping a Single Order

In this process the same person is responsible for picking and packing a single order.

Once logged into ShipHero using their unique ID, your Pickers will see a list of orders to ship that are sorted by the soonest required date to ship. This ensures the most urgent orders get out the door first.
Once a Picker selects an order on their iPad, ShipHero automatically locks the order so that two people will not be able to alter or to ship the same order.

The detail screen will show the Picker information about the items in the selected order, including the SKU level , stock level and, most importantly, where the item is located in the warehouse.

ShipHero’s knows exactly where every item in your warehouse is located and therefore it sorts your pick list by bin location to design the most efficient route through the warehouse.

Once the Picker has placed all the items for the order in the designated tote they can return to the packing station to accurately weigh the products and select the shipping method previously configured or via the cheapest method that will get there in the number of days selected by the customer..

Order Queue

Instead of wasting time sorting through all the pending orders, the Picker can also use the Order Queue option which will serve the Picker the next available, unlocked order to pick.

Learn more about the Order Queue – Here

Picking, packing, and shipping one order at a time will quickly become overwhelming if your’re shipping a lot of  orders per day. We offer both single item batch and multi item batch picking to help your employees dramatically increase their efficiency and picking quantity, while increasing the  level of accuracy.



Interested in saving time and money?  Of course you are!  ShipHero’s dynamic shipping rate quoting is a useful tool that natively integrates with all the major carriers you where you already have accounts. Our app gives you a list of all available shipping carriers and shipping methods based on the shipping criteria you’ve set.


1. Final shipping address.

2. Shipment dimensions and weight.

When your packer is about to print a label, they can take a look at comparable quotes, to see if the option they chose is most economical for your business.
It’s that easy!