“We are so thankful we found ShipHero! Its streamlined our entire system, making our staff more productive, shipments much quicker and all around an easier process for everyone! Would highly recommend! Amazing customer service! Russell, Aaron and the staff are on top of answering any questions and we have really appreciated all of their help!”
“This company is great! Always quick to respond and readily available to work with you to get any task done whether big or small. Wish more companies had a customer service team like these guys.”
The Zigzag Stripe
“I brag about shiphero to everyone! Id highly reccomend it to anyone looking for a really smooth shipping process! The customer service is unlike any other company, they are so responsive and helpful, I feel like they are my good friends because I speak to them like everyday.”
Mettle Company
(5/5) We had less than 4 months to set up our warehouse and to be ready to fulfill our website orders. We had close to 10K SKUs to manage.   I’ve worked with expensive WMS in the past at high cost before which took almost a year to implant. Gratefully we discovered ShipHero which proves to be a powerful WMS tool that is simple to use. The integration with Magento was easy and at low cost. It proved to be fast, accurate and powerful.   Dynamic slotting and batch picking options allow us to save time fulfilling our orders.    The support team is always prompt to answer our needs. They always do their best to accommodate us and find a viable solution quickly.   Not only would I definitely recommend, I HAVE recommended them!

ShipHero staff work together as a team to make my third-party vendor integration seamless and functional in a matter of a couple of days.  My third party vendor was not willing to spend time and effort to integrate with ShipHero due to their “budget”. But ShipHero knows how to make it happen quickly.

This proves that ShipHero knows their customers’ needs and third party vendors well.

Marie Claire
“This is by far the best inventory control system out there, Id be more than happy to be a reference for this app! “
Stargaze Jewelry
“ShipHero is a powerful, complete solution

19 Mar 2015 :“We have a rapidly growing business both online and off. ShipHero runs our entire back-end including order management, purchase orders, shipping and returns. The team at ShipHero customized our implementation to match our needs and the system runs great, allowing us to meet our growing demand without any additional staff. Before we had ShipHero the lack of reporting made it hard to know what was going on inside the warehouse. ShipHero has the data I need both for business-wide numbers and my individual employee’s metrics and just as important as having the data, the data is easy to access and laid out well.”

SaurabhAbrol, CEO, Wine Chateau
“We have a very unique business and have explored options that would cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the amazing team at ShipHero helped us tweak a couple of things and we now have a picking & packing solution that is faster than any machine solution we’ve been presented and it’s completely scalable with our rapid growth. On top of that we’re probably only using 30% of the true capability! I would highly recommend ShipHero to any business needing stock, inventory or shipping management!”
Youfoodz Development Site
“We’ve increased our warehouse output by 40% without adding staff or orders, just with the efficiency of ShipHero’s packing system. I can’t imagine going back to have to manage stacks of papers to ship with. On receiving the scanning and apps are also a lifesaver. I have nightmares about stacks of POs from vendors with checked of what came in. Now it’s all in ShipHero. It’s a great system.”