Multi-Item, Single-Item Batch Picking Flows + Packing & Shipping Label Generation w/ ShipHero Video Tutorial

Sauceda Industries discusses the smooth transition to ShipHero for 3PL and how they use the technology to better serve their customers and attract new customers.

Learn how The ZigZag Stripe leverages ShipHero’s inventory management, picking, packing, shipping technology to completely transform and help their business grow.

Check-out ShipHero’s “Merge Order” feature that allows you to merge multiple orders from the same customers with the same destination in just a few clicks. It’s as easy as “1-2-merge”

The ZigZag Stripe picks over 800 packages per day in a large warehouse with narrow aisles. See how they do it using the powerful, but flexible ShipHero app.

Single-Item Batch Picking Flow

How to do single item batch picking with ShipHero. experience with ShipHero

ShipHero and Shopify Plus customer discusses their experience.

Getting to Know the Shiphero App

Learn about just some of the features within the ShipHero iOS Application that can help your business work better, faster and operate more efficiently.

Batch Picking Flows with Voice-Guided Assistance Technology within the ShipHero App

In this video, we explore how to execute both the single-item and multiple-item batch picking flows with voice-guided assistance within ShipHero.

Handling Returns Using ShipHero

In this video we explore how to create an easy-to-use returns page on your website using ShipHero, and how your staff would use the ShipHero App to stay organized and efficient while processing returns

ShipHero Purchase Orders Tutorial

How to generate, transmit and receive POs (purchase orders) using ShipHero include in the iPad app.

The 5 Minute Guide to Setting Up ShipHero

In this tutorial, we cover: Registration Connecting to a Sales Channel (Shopify) Connecting to Shipping Carriers (UPS & Endicia) Mapping a Shipping Option Specifying Shipping Label and Invoice address in Settings Setting up the Print Server Logging into the mobile app Picking items, Pack an Order Print Invoice Print Shipping Label Checking the Order was processed correctly. All under 5 minutes!

Setting Up Workflow

This guide shows how to setup workflows in your fulfillment process.

Fast Shipping on Mobile

Learn how using mobile devices in your warehouse speeds up the shipping process, while eliminating errors.

Managing Orders

This quick video guide highlights the features and options available for managing orders.

Learn how to Save on Shipping

Get your order where you want it to go by the cheapest method that will get the on time.

Customized products or on demand production with ShipHero

Do you have items that are produced on demand or customized on demand? If so, you want that integrated into your warehouse management system in a way that is intuitive, does not require duplicated effort and is error free. Here’s how you achieve it.

Inventory Cycle Counting

The video guide to cycle counting. Cycle Counting allows you to count inventory without ever having to stop shipping.

ShipHero Introduction

A brief introduction of ShipHero.


  • Mouth & ShipHero
  • Heartrate Monitors USA & ShipHero
  • Handling Returns Using ShipHero
  • ShipHero Purchase Orders Tutorial
  • The 5 Minute Guide to Setting Up ShipHero
  • Setting Up Workflow
  • Fast Shipping on Mobile
  • Managing Orders
  • Learn how to Save on Shipping
  • Customized products or on demand production with ShipHero
  • Inventory Cycle Counting
  • ShipHero Introduction